GARDEN center

We bed only those plants proven to be low maintenance, high performing, beautiful , and Alberta hardy.

Specializing in prairie hardy fruit trees, shrubs, and perennials . 

- Display Gardens -

- We have designed our display gardens with curated AB hardy food and medicinal plants respectively grouped to demonstrate your gardens potential -

Alberta Fruit

A huge selection of Prairie hardy fruit trees

and berry shrubs.

Food Forest 

Planting in Guilds - a whole plant system

incorporating food producing plants (tree's, shrubs, perennials). These dynamic systems

emulate natures utility and diversity. A food

forest becomes a self organized system providing for its own pollination, pest management, water capture, and soil health.

Healing Gardens

Medicinal and useful plants displayed together. Medicinal tea's and tincture plants, fertilizing plants, pest management plants, skin care plants.

Natural Indigenous Gardens

Showcasing our indigenous nature-scaping solutions

Vegetable Gardens

Open pollinated selection of heirloom vegetables. 

Pollinator and Butterfly Garden

Proven selection of hardy plants that are sure to attract the bee's, butterfly's, and our other pollinator friends.

- Container & Planters -

Artistic outdoor floral pots and planters. For Residences & Businesses. Come choose from our fabulous container plantings or bring in your pots for our experts to plant.​